I am always working on some sort of project, but not all of them make it to my public SoundCloud or YouTube channel.  Here are two work-in-progress pieces:

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  1. eric

    my name is eric and I from Israel
    I love the apple ibooks laptop
    wat the old game its run on it or dos game
    thank you

  2. amy

    I’ve been watching your videos for awhile and I gotta ask what in the proverbial heck was your high school band leader on? I have never heard a more talented keyboard player

  3. Stephen

    Hi my name is Stephen and I love the videos that you make regarding keyboards and computers I just wanna say that keep up the good work

  4. Rowan Ross

    Nice work 8-Bit guy. My 6 year old son has a fascination with “Old Computers” and hence he loves your channel. I’ve got to admit being an old 8 bit geek myself he got me into it when watching together. Nice work!

  5. John

    Very nice. Sounds a bit like 90’s anime music. Brings to mind incidental music form “Bubblegum Crisis” or “Maddox-01”.

  6. Keith Reid

    Hope to catch some of the vintage Commodore chips in stock. (have a couple I want to repair)
    Wanted to login/register on your site but couldn’t find where? Will try to read everything.


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