How CGA Graphics worked!

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  1. sebastian blanco

    hey please please tell me how do you enable composite mode in lhx ?????????????????????????

  2. Søren Stentoft Hansen

    Hi David

    Will you follow up on this with EGA,VGA, VESA episode aswell? You must be getting alot of experience from X3 that could be put to good use in such episodes. I have done a fair deal of VGA, but never EGA og VESA (SVGA,XGA etc) so could be nice to see a episode on those.

    Best Regards

  3. RogerV

    Is SVGA support out of question for your dream computer?

    I’ve got this really weird fixation on wanting to get a 16MB 65816 board and then rewrite Haiku operating system (an open source re-implementation of BeOS) to run on it.

    Back in the day I jumped from C64 6502 to the MC68000 in the Macintosh. Now wish I had a 65816 platform to do hobbyist things. It’s a CPU that I basically skipped past and yet it’s still made today (back then I did do a lot of professional dev for the 80286 so well acquainted with segment register addressing to get beyound 64K).

    Am not a gamer like you, though – just would like to re-implement things that computer science and the industry have already done – like create operating systems from the ground up. And the point you make in your dream computer articles is that the old 8-bit/16-bit era computers were far more understandable.


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