Commodore 16 Keyboard New, Old-Stock


Commodore 16 keyboard, new old-stock.

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THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD OUT!  However, I’m leaving this in the store for the next few weeks so that people have access to the diagrams for re-wiring it.

These Commodore 16 keyboards are brand new old-stock, in perfect working and cosmetic condition.  The keyboards are the same form factor and have the same pin header as the Commodore 64, 64c, and VIC-20.  However, the keyboard is not entirely compatible. The matrix is wired slightly different.  However, I have included diagrams showing how you can move some wires around to make it work, more or less, with the VIC-20 and C64.  There are two ways to approach it, one is to disassemble the keyboard, desolder all of the wires, and solder them back onto the board with the color arrangement shown in the diagram.  The second, and probably easiest method is to use a small paperclip or pointy object to release the wires from the plastic header, then re-insert them into the header in the order shown for “modified connector end.”  This should take about 4 to 5 minutes to do this.  However, even after re-wiring the keyboard, everything is not perfect.  All of the important stuff works, such as numbers, letters, space bar, function keys, return, backspace, etc.  But some of the symbols and the cursor keys are not where you would expect them to be.

If used for parts, the plungers and most of the keyboard mechanism are interchangeable with early model C64 and VIC-20 keyboards.

NOTE about pricing/shipping. My website has a fixed shipping cost of around $2.75 for all items shipped to USA.  This is fine because most of those items are very small and cost around $2.75 to ship.  I wanted to sell this item for $10, but it costs $13 to ship, so I have added some of that cost into the price of the board.  So you’re total cost after shipping is $22.75.  If you want to combine multiple units for shipping, email me directly.

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