Commodore VIC-20 Motherboard (NTSC)

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Commodore VIC-20 mothboard and bottom RF shield, tested, working. NTSC only.

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A Gen-2 Commodore VIC-20 motherboard.  Tested and working.  Because these are GEN-2 boards, they are somewhat smaller than the GEN-1 boards and also use the same power connector as the Commodore 64, making it relatively easy to find a working power supply.  The bottom RF shield is still attached to the boards, so it will fit your VIC-20 case regardless of if it was a GEN-1 or GEN-2.  Each board has been tested to ensure it boots to BASIC.  Also, a game cartridge and joystick were connected and tested for at least 2 minutes playing a game.  I have not tested the user port, cassette port, keyboard, or disk drive port.  However, it is highly unlikely for these to be broken considering everything else works.  But, at minimum you’ll know the important stuff works: 6502 CPU, 6510 VIC chip, RAM, ROM, TTL logic chips.

These are great for repairing a dead VIC-20, or if you just wanted a working 8-bit computer to tinker around with.  If you need a keyboard, I also have C16 keyboards that are mostly compatible with the VIC-20, with a few keys not being in the right place.

NOTE about being out of stock.  I originally had about 85 of these fixed up and tested.  I figured that would last a year or two.  However, the sudden rush of sales ended up causing me to sell out in 2 days.  However, I still have about 50 or 60 boards left.  I plan to gut about half of them for the chips and then I’ll repair the other half.  However, I probably won’t have time for this until late July.  So it may be a few weeks before any more stock is available.

NOTE about pricing/shipping. My website has a fixed shipping cost of around $2.75 for all items shipped to USA.  This is fine because most of those items are very small and cost around $2.75 to ship.  I wanted to sell this item for $20 a piece, but it costs $13 to ship, so I have added some of that cost into the price of the board.  So you’re total after shipping and everything should be $32.75. If you want to combine multiple units for shipping, email me directly.

Reviews (20)

20 reviews for Commodore VIC-20 Motherboard (NTSC)

  1. Jayden

    I love the vic-20

  2. Ron Sherrell (verified owner)

    David is true to his word. Got my motherboard extremely fast, and it works a treat.

  3. Jason

    Darn, looks like I missed them. Are they all gone?

    • The 8Bit Guy

      I did sell all 85 of the working ones I had tested. I have about 50 more and I can probably get at least half of those repaired with a little work. So I will have some more, hence why I have left this product in the store for now. It may be a few weeks, though.

  4. Justin

    hi David,
    I am a young maker who loves old computers. I am working on a z80 based computer. Sadly I missed the sales on these boards. not a bad price, $30. do you still have any to sell?

    • The 8Bit Guy

      I will have some again soon. I still have about 50 I need to diagnose and repair.

  5. Aaron

    I hope to get one of the second batch. I picked up a Vic 20 today that is in beautiful condition on the outside but a basket case on the inside. Lots of corrosion on most of the chips’ pins 🙁

  6. Oliver

    If you repair the other vic-20s and put some up for sale in the future, is there any chance of getting one signed? I’ll pay extra! 🙂

  7. Greg Dunlap (verified owner)

    Mine had a non-working IEC port, but after I replaced the 7406 hex inverter buffer chip it’s working fine.

  8. craig hodges (verified owner)

    looks great , super fast shipping waiting on a power supply to come in then cant wait to use it

  9. Patrick Correlli III

    I have had a problem similar to the really dirty VIC-20 that had the garbled display, but I’m not sure if it’s the RAM chips (there’s virtually no info on those chips) or what.

  10. brad

    Wonderful that you took the time to save and repair these. Are you keeping a waiting list? Sign me up for a working motherboard…

  11. Oliver Merkle

    If you have a wait list, I am in, too. Got a VIC 20 in a beautiful case by DOA.

  12. Gameboy

    I know its 2019 your probably out but if you have a working one $30 is a price you cant beat, im a big fan of both your chanels and love your videos.

  13. Eric Dube

    If you have a wait list, add me in please. Thanks

  14. Per-Erik Broz

    Do you have any extra mounting plates to mount short motherboard in a early case? I have a nice PET keyboard, early white case, and a late short PAL board with kernel switcher, but no way to make the machine complete.

  15. Dave Nugent

    I’m interested too in a board. I’ve seen all your awesome YouTube videos several times. Love the old 8 bit gear, especially Commodore!

  16. Mark Brown

    Please place me on your waitlist (if it exists) I’d even settle for a non-working board.

  17. Aaron Thornton

    Any chance of getting one of these? Or are they all gone now? I’d love to grab one.

  18. Don Taylor

    I also would like on of your Vic-20 boards. Purchased an older Vic-20 with the 2 prong power plug, It had a leaky cap and to board is toast.

  19. Gregory Brown

    Big fan of the show. I would love to get another Commodor VIC20. Had one as a child. Looking to replace it. Please let me know if more come up for sale. Thank you.


    Big fan of the show!!!! I love the Commodores as I had the c128/vic20/plus4 and even a timex sclr1000. When I went to my parents house after they passed found out all of that was gone***. So my twin and I are on a mission to get them replaced.. I have a vic20 /1541 so far that we need chips /parts for.. Any idea when you may get vic20 boards back in stock?

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