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This product is being offered for sale as part of a larger effort to reduce clutter in my home by getting rid of items I no longer need.  These are mostly all items that have been featured on the YouTube channel at least once, sometimes many times, but I feel it is unlikely I will need these items for future videos.  Clearing space will allow me to have more room to work and bring in newer items to review.  By selling these items here, it allows me to avoid the expense of using ebay, thus lowering the price for you.

However, unlike the other products I sell (like T-shirts, Planet X2/X3, etc), I cannot provide any level of support on these.  They are basically being sold as-is.  Since nearly every item like this has been featured on the show, you will have seen the overall condition and functionality there.  As such, I will not be taking the time to write a long detailed description or provide dozens of pictures from all angles.   I figure most anyone buying these items will already be familiar with them.  However, if you have questions about the item, please email me at before placing your order.

I should also mention that shipping may be a little slower than usual for some of these items.  That’s because I have custom shipping box sizes on hand for the normal items, but I may have to find a box for some of these.  So it may take 2-3 days to ship as compared to 24 hours for regular products.


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