Petscii Robots – Commodore SuperBundle

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Commodore super bundle

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It’s finally here.  The Commodore super-bundle has a version for every Commodore machine.  Ok, well, most every Commodore machine.  This box includes 7 floppy disks, and 3 manuals.  Digital downloads for all games included in purchase.

Floppy Disks In the Box:

  • 1541 disk – Side A: C64 / Side B: PET & VIC-20
  • 1541 disk – Plus/4
  • 1541 disk – C64 REU (Side A & B)
  • 1571 disk – C128
  • 1581 disk – C128
  • 1581 disk – C64 REU
  • Amiga Disk

Manuals included:

  • Standard C64/VIC/PET/Plus4/REU manual
  • C128 Manual
  • Amiga Manual


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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Petscii Robots – Commodore SuperBundle

  1. Matty matt

    really good bundle for commodore maniacs and bros who just have too many commodore machines and too less games.

  2. Anthony Ionta

    Fantastic! Love this bundle. Got a fair few commodores to run this on. Favourite so far is the PET, running it with the custom character ROM and SNES controller attached. Inclusion of a audio jack, on the user port adapter, is a nice touch !

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