Petscii Robots – Commodore SuperBundle

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Commodore super bundle

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It’s finally here.  The Commodore super-bundle has a version for every Commodore machine.  Ok, well, most every Commodore machine.  This box includes 7 floppy disks, 3 manuals, and SNES adapter that works on all Commodore machines that have user ports.  Digital downloads for all games included in purchase.

Floppy Disks In the Box:

  • 1541 disk – Side A: C64 / Side B: PET & VIC-20
  • 1541 disk – Plus/4
  • 1541 disk – C64 REU (Side A & B)
  • 1571 disk – C128
  • 1581 disk – C128
  • 1581 disk – C64 REU
  • Amiga Disk

Manuals included:

  • Standard C64/VIC/PET/Plus4/REU manual
  • C128 Manual
  • Amiga Manual


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1 review for Petscii Robots – Commodore SuperBundle

  1. Matty matt

    really good bundle for commodore maniacs and bros who just have too many commodore machines and too less games.

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