How Stuff Works Videos

These are all videos about how stuff works.  These are also some of my favorite videos.

Episode Topic Link
How Oldschool Graphics Work Part 1 – Commodore and Nintendo Episode 115
How Oldschool Graphics Work Part 2 – Apple and Atari Episode 116
How Oldschool Sound and Music worked Episode 117
How CGA Graphics Works Episode 123
How Oldschool Cassette Tape Drives Worked Episode 129
How Oldschool Floppy Drives Worked Episode 130
How ROM Cartridges worked Episode 133
How VHS tapes worked Episode 136
How Lightpens and Light Guns worked Episode 141
How Video Digitizers Worked Episode 147
The Basics of BASIC Episode 151
How Character LCDs work Part 1 Episode 158
How Character LCDs work Part 2 Episode 159
How Character LCDs work Part 3 Episode 214
How the Covox and Disney Sound Source Work Episode 169
Color photos from a black and white camera Episode 220
How Boot Sector Games Work Episode 256
How Speech Synthesizers Worked Episode 239
How Game Controllers Work Episode 232
How Telephone Phreaking Worked Episode 255