You can now download shareware versions for the Commodore PET and the Commander X16.  These versions include 2 complete levels.  The only features removed from the game is SNES controller support, and the cheat-code.   A PDF manual is included in the ZIP file.  You can download them here:

If you’d like to buy the complete version of the game, which also includes the C64, VIC-20, PET, and X16 versions all in one package, click here!

The X16 version is currently only a direct port of the “Color Petscii C64” version of the game.  As of yet, it does not support any custom graphics or music for the X16.  it’s more of a proof of concept.  However, buying the full version still gets you all 9 maps even on the X16 version.

I hope to release additional shareware versions in the future.