How to Donate

If you have some old hardware you wish to donate, please read the below FAQ and then contact me via email to confirm it is something I can use.

Keep in mind this is my regular email address.  Please be sure to say somewhere in the message title or in the body that this is a donation offer.  I get hundreds of emails per day.  Some people just email me pictures of some stuff they found.  I often don’t know if they are wanting to donate to me, or if they are just wanting to talk about the items, or ask how to fix them, or whatever.  I don’t want to be presumptuous and assume it is a donation offer if it doesn’t say so.

Donation F.A.Q.

First and foremost, I am out of space to accept most donations at this point.  Any unsolicited donations will likely go in the trash.  If they are something I think somebody else can use, I will take them to the DF/W Retro computer meetup and place them on the free table for somebody else to have.  This isn’t how I want to do things, but I simply have no choice.  An analogy I’ve been using lately is to imagine your refrigerator is completely full.  You can’t fit a single new thing in there.  But your neighbors love making you food and deserts.  You’ve told them you don’t have any more space in the fridge, but they keep leaving stuff on your doorstep and ringing your doorbell.  You bring in the food, but what do you do with it?  Well, you have to throw it out or find somebody else to give it to.  That is the place I’m at right now.  Every new piece of equipment I accept winds up on the living room floor or the kitchen table until I can find some place to put it or somebody to give it to.  So please, do not send me anything without checking with me.  This happens far too often, and there is no elegant way of dealing with it.  So consider yourself warned.

Ebay listings – Every day I receive numerous emails from people with a link to an ebay item they think I might want to bid on.  Be warned – these emails are sent straight to the trash without even opening the link.   It really wouldn’t matter what the item is, I am not going to bid on it.  I simply have nowhere else to store any new purchases.  So, please don’t send these to me, even if the item is something that is on my wanted list.  That list exists for people who want to donate something.  The way I look at it, if I’m actively looking for some item I need for an episode, I will be searching ebay already on my own.  However, if there is an item I know I will need in the future but I’m not in a hurry for it, I’ll put it on the donation list in case somebody has one they want to donate.  So, just because it is on the list doesn’t mean I’m currently shopping for the item, hence I don’t need to see your ebay links.

Broken Products – I am offered a lot of broken items.  Sometimes, I actually want such items to do restorations on.  But, quite often I do not.  My “repair pile” is huge and I’ll probably never finish repairing all of the items in the pile.  So, I am reluctant to take any broken items unless it is something I actually want to do a repair video on, or I need a part from that item.  You can certainly ask, but there is a 99% chance I won’t want it.

Here is a list of items I’m currently looking for:

  • Commodore 64GS (games system)
  • Atari 1450XLD

Of course, many of the donations I receive are items I hadn’t even thought of before.  So if you have something you think might be of use, just send me an email and let me know!  Generally I will be showing these items on the show at some point and mentioning your name and the geographical region (usually city/state) that it came from.  If you do not want me to mention this, please be sure to specify that!

I also accept monetary donations on Patreon.  For those that don’t like Patreon, you can donate directly via paypal to my email address  If you do send a paypal donation, please say so in the description or email me about it.  Otherwise I will see the payment and have to contact you to ask what it is for.  I often have various things going on with buying and selling stuff, so if it doesn’t say it is a donation, I won’t know for sure.

Assuming you’ve read the FAQ, then send me an email to