How to Donate

If you have some old hardware you wish to donate, please contact me via email to confirm it is something I can use.

On some items, I may be willing to cover the cost of shipping, if needed.

Keep in mind this is m regular email address.  Please be sure to say somewhere in the message title or in the body that this is a donation offer.  I get hundreds of emails per day.  Some people just email me pictures of some stuff they found.  I often don’t know if they are wanting to donate to me, or if they are just wanting to talk about the items, or ask how to fix them, or whatever.  I don’t want to be presumptuous and assume it is a donation offer if it doesn’t say so.

Here is a list of items I’m currently looking for that are proving to be difficult to find:

  • Tandy 600 laptop
  • Commodore 64GS (games system)
  • Atari 1450XLD
  • Any original Commodore,Atari, Tandy, or Apple II games on disk
  • Any cartridge games for just about any system.

Of course, many of the donations I receive are items I hadn’t even thought of before.  So if you have something you think might be of use, just send me an email and let me know!  Generally I will be showing these items on the show at some point and mentioning your name and the geographical region (usually city/state) that it came from.  If you do not want me to mention this, please be sure to specify that!

I also accept monetary donations on Patreon.  For those that don’t like Patreon, you can donate directly via paypal to my email address  If you do send a paypal donation, please say so in the description or email me about it.  Otherwise I will see the payment and have to contact you to ask what it is for.  I often have various things going on with buying and selling stuff so if it doesn’t say it is a donation, I won’t know for sure.