Items for sale


In my adventures of making YouTube videos, I accumulate a lot of equipment that I use on the show.  However, often once I’ve completed the episode I have no more use for the item.  Since I do not have unlimited storage, I will place those items here for sale.  So you have the opportunity to buy the stuff that I’ve used in the show.

If you are interested in buying anything, simply send an email to me directly at  Local pickup in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is also available.

Soundtrack CD 1

This is a compilation of all of the background tunes that have been used in 8-Bit Guy and 8-Bit Keys.  It also includes most of the original compositions and cover songs done on 8-Bit Keys.  This is not a burned copy, it is professionally pressed and printed.   It includes songs from 5 different artists, and royalties are paid to those artists.  So your purchase helps support the entire community.  (Sorry, this link only works for US customers, contact me directly for international purchases)