These are all of the videos of mine which have guest appearances by other YouTubers or notable people. There are actually more collaborations than you might think.  In fact, here’s the top 7 list of guests.

  • LGR – 6 episodes
  • Anders Enger Jensen – 5 Episodes
  • Techmoan – 4 Episodes
  • Modern Vintage Gamer – 4 Episodes
  • Perifractic – 3 Episodes
  • TXDJ – 3 Episodes
  • 8-Bit Show & Tell – 3 Episodes



Episode Name Link
How Oldschool Cassette Tape Drives Worked Episode 129
Features: Modern Vintage Gamer, Classic Gaming Quarterly, LGR
How Oldschool Floppy Drives Worked Episode 130
Features: Modern Vintage Gamer, Classic Gaming Quarterly, LGR, The Obsolete Geek
How Oldschool ROM Cartridges Worked Episode 133
Features: The Obsolete Geek
How Not to Create MP3 Music Episode 137
Features: Techmoan
Floppy Disk Cameras Episode 140
Features: Zibbybone
How Light Pens and Light Guns work Episode 141
Features: 8-Bit Show & Tell
Commodore 128 Restore and Board Repair Episode 145
Features: Raymond (
The Basics of BASIC Episode 151
Features: Jim Leonard, LGR, Ben Heck
Fisher Price PixelVision PXL-2000 Camcorder Episode 148
Features: Techmoan
Planet X2, the Making Of Episode 190
Features: LGR, Modern Vintage Gamer, Anders Enger Jensen
IBM PCjr Repair and Restoration Episode 201
Features: TXDJ
Commodore History Part 4 – The Plus/4 & C16 Episode 215
Features: Bil Herd
Next Station Restoration Episode 218
Features: TXDJ
Apple PIIe Challenge Episode 221
Features: Perifractic, Jan Beta, Mindflare Retro
Commodore History Part 5 – The C128 Episode 224
Features: Bil Herd
Building my Dream Computer Part 1 Episode 238
Features: Modern Vintage Gamer, LGR, 8-Bit Show & Tell
How Speech Synthesizers Work Episode 239
Features: Techmoan
Planet X3, the Making of Part 4 Episode 245
Features: Jim Leonard, Anders Enger Jensen, Noah Aman
The Mindset – The Graphics Workstation Episode 248
Features: TXDJ
Building my Dream Computer Part 2 Episode 252
Features: Kevin Williams, Perifractic
How to Make Replacement Badges Episode 259
Features: Mike Murray (The GeekPub)
How Long to Charge an Electric Vehicle Episode 262
Features: Perifractic
Commodore History Part 7 – The Disk Drives Episode 263
Features: 8-Bit Show and Tell
Commodore 64 Restoration Episode 264
Features: Mike Murray (The GeekPub)
The future of the CD was Philips CD-i Episode 266
Features: Wrestling with Gaming, Rachel Friemel
Atari Junk Keyboard 8BK Episode 29
Features: Ben Heck
Casio MT-68 Review 8BK Episode 36
Features: Anders Enger Jensen
Yamaha DX-100 Repair and Review 8BK Episode 41
Features: Zibbybone
Thoman Synth Reactor 2019 8BK Episode 43
Features: Look Mum No Computer, Anders Enger Jensen, Dr. Mix, Jadewii, Rachel K Collier, and a ton of others!
Casio TA-10 Mod and Review 8BK Episode 44
Features: Anders Enger Jensen
Yamaha Reface DX Review 8BK Episode 46
Features: Anders Enger Jensen
Casio MT-540 with Space Quest III 8BK Episode 48
Features: Anders Enger Jensen & Matt Parker / Stand Up Maths
Planet X3 Teaser Special
Features: LGR (voice only), Techmoan (voice only)