Here you will find game reviews, and game system reviews.  Typically, I do reviews only of brand-new games designed for vintage systems.  So you won’t find any reviews of games for modern consoles, nor will you find reviews of old games either.

Game Review Link
Assembloids, The Bear Essentials, Bonkey Kong Episode 176
Commodore Christmas Demo Episode 193
Rikky & Vikky, Digiloi, Farming Simulator C64, Portal C64 Episode 237
Realms of Quest V for VIC-20, L’abbaye des Morts C64, Mancave C64, Vegetables C64. Episode 253
Log Jammer for NES, Almost Hero for NES, Coffee Crisis for Genesis Episode 187
Cheese and Onion for VIC-20, Sam’s Journey for C64, Pets Rescue for Plus/4. Episode 206

Here are the game system reviews I’ve done.

Game System Review Link
9 Plug & Play TV Games Reviewed Episode 128
BittBoy Episode 176
NES Alternatives Episode 157
Atari 7800 Composite Mod and Review Episode 154
TheC64 Mini Episode 204
TheC64 Mini Update Episode 230
TheC64 Maxi (full sized version) Episode 261