These are videos about various peripherals and attachments for old computers, or just weird gadgets


Gadget Review Link
Texas Instruments Speak & Spell Episode 83
Meet the SoundBlaster Keyboards Episode 114
Solid State Floppy Drive Emulator Episode 124
QFX Boombox Episode 137
Connectix Quickcam Episode 138
Koala Pad for C64 Episode 139
Floppy Disk Cameras (Sony Mavica) Episode 140
Computer Eyes Video Digitizer for C64 Episode 147
Fisher Price Pixel Vision PXL-200 Camcorder Episode 148
80 Columns cartridges for the C64 (Data 20 Videopak, BI-80) Episode 150
Testar digital answering machine Episode 153
VIC-20 Super Expander Episode 156
Tyco Video Camera Episode 162
VIC-20 Penultimate Cartridge Episode 167
Gameboy Camera and Printer Episode 168
Covox and Disney Sound Source Episode 169
OPL2LPT – Adlib Card for the Parallel Port Episode 192
Replica Sound Cards Episode 217
Speech Synthesizers Episode 239
Aiptek ISDV2 – one of the first SD card camcorders Episode 240
Brother and Panasonic Dedicated Word Processors Episode 241
Apple IIe card for Macintosh computers Episode 251
TexElec SAAYM sound card (SAA1099+YM2151) Episode 260