Lots of people are asking “Where is Planet X3?”  Well, it is finished, but I’m still in the process of shipping out the pre-orders from the kickstarter.  Since I’m currently overwhelmed with this task right now, I don’t see any point of trying to sell more copies that I can’t even ship.  So, please check back around mid March and hopefully I’ll be able to open up sales to the general public!

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  1. Tom

    Thank you David for the Info 🙂
    I hope there will be a bundle package with planet x2 as well 🙂
    Wish you all the best

  2. Scott Ferguson

    Missed the kickstart, waiting for the retail sale to be released.
    Enjoyed watching your videos.

  3. Rachel Smyth

    I received the box set, but don’t have the digital download in the box. Was it sent to my email? Or where can I find it?

      • Cean McCullough

        Can I make a request for you to have S.A.M. perform? I have a cute story to go with it. It is from when I was a kid, having S.A.M. read me the books I would type into Dad’s Atari 800, one line at a time. A word I typed in that came out with a great sound! Please let me know if you’ll help my dad and I walk down memory lane.

  4. DigitalDarkroom

    Please provide a way for us to buy a digital version of the game. Thanks.

  5. Alexander

    I ‘d love to buy a digital version of Planet X3! I did the same with X2 and the game was worth every penny. Will there be a way to buy a digital copy of the game?

  6. Travis

    Missed the kick starter looking foreward to playing planet X3 on my tandy 1000


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