Creating the Intro Music for 8-Bit Keys

Welcome everyone to the first episode of 8-Bit Keys!  Now I’ve had some really cool stuff that we’re working on, but I’ve had some technical challenges. So. I’ve bumped some of that stuff to the back burner and in order to get something out for you I went ahead and kind of took this particular project to the front row.

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  1. Darren Cafferty

    This was my first keyboard!!! I was 14 and after spending about 10 years learning to play the Piano, I was bored with it even though according to my Piano Teacher I was a “Gifted & Talented” Player who one day may be a great Concert Pianist….OK! I thought to hell with all this stuffy old crap, I want a DX-7 and a Jupiter 8, but such things where way out of my reach, (as far as the Jupiter 8 goes, still is as the bloody things go for £10,000+ believe it or not!), so I settled for the PSS-470. I remember the ‘Digital Synthesizer’ bit with the 5 slides but I never knew it was a proper FM synth and watching this and hearing the harsh metallic sounds generated by it makes me wish I appreciated that element of it 30 years ago. IIRC it’s 9 note Polyphonic(?)

    After the PSS-470 I got a PSS-780 in 1989.

    It was OK but Jan Hammer, Harold Faltermyer or Vangelis, I was most certainly not!!! I now have a wonderful collection of battered old keyboards, synths and modules which if nothing else keep the Apartment nice and warm with that musty smell of warm capacitor’s just waiting to burst!

    Currently I’ve got….

    Casio CZ-1000
    Powertran Trancendent 2000 – Analogue 2 op Mono Synth
    Yamaha PSR-520 – Which I love for it’s String Pad sounds
    Yamaha PSR S-650 – It might be a Band in a box special but It has some really good Lead voices and one of the best Piano Samples around.
    Roland TR-909
    Roland MT-32
    Yamaha moXF6 Workstation
    Yamaha SY-99 – Not Working for some reason and I don’t know why!!!
    Various Software Synths from Arturia inc the Yamaha CS-80 which is Sexy as Hell!!!

    Anyway sorry for the Autobiography 🙂
    Just let you know, I love your channels esp the 8-bit Keys.

    Keep up the good Work and If I find anything interesting, keyboard wise, I’ll let you know as I always have a poke around Boot Fairs and ‘Garage Sales’ as I think you call them over the Pond.

    Darren C

  2. Darren Cafferty

    PS. The PSS-470 is really good for Circuit Bending and creating whacky sounds by shorting out and crossing contacts on the main board, don’t worry you wont blow it up as it’s really tough!

  3. Max

    Hi David!

    I picked up this keyboard at Goodwill a few months ago for $8 and I’ve been having a ton of fun with it. Suddenly, it won’t turn on. I’ve done some simple keyboard repair that usually involves cleaning buttons and whatnot, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong with this one. Any ideas of what to look for? It just simply doesn’t do anything at all when I plug it in and switch it on. No LEDs, no sound, nothing.




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