Frequently Asked Questions

I receive around 100 emails per day, and in an effort to cut down the number of emails, I have created this F.A.Q.  So, please read through this before emailing.

How do I contact you?

Assuming you’ve read through the FAQ, the best way to contact me is via direct email:

Would you like to buy my computer?

If it is a modern computer or iPad, or whatever, then NO.  if it is a vintage computer, possibly, but very unlikely.  It doesn’t hurt to ask, though.

Can you sell or give me a computer?

No, I do not have any computers for sale or for free.  While it is true that I used to run a computer business, I sold out of everything back around 2012, so it has been many years since I have had any computer inventory to sell. As for the computers I collect for my channel, I have so little space available now that I simply do not collect extras.  If I do not have need of the computer, I will not bring it in in the first place.

Can I buy a spare part from you?

I really don’t have a stockpile of spare parts, like many people think.  I do have a few, you can ask, but chances are I won’t have it.

Will you repair my computer or game console?

Short answer is NO.  I get dozens of requests a day for this and there just isn’t enough time in the world, compounded by the fact I have no spare parts (see question above.)

Will you forward those unwanted donations to me?

Short answer is NO.  I get requests almost daily asking something along the lines of accepting all donations and sending somebody the ones I don’t want.  Or, perhaps just giving the address of said person and having the donations shipped straight there.  You aren’t the first person to think of this.  The reality is, however, people are paying shipping costs and giving up rare merchandise because they want to see their old equipment featured on my YouTube channel.  Otherwise, they would just sell the stuff on ebay.  So, no, I am not going to ask people to do this.

Are you aware of TheC64 mini computer?

Yes, yes.. very aware.  I already produced a video review of the product.

Are you aware of the Sous-vide cooker?

Yes, yes.. very aware.

Will you ever do a video on computer XYZ?

I have plans and partially scripted episodes for nearly every computer from 1977 to 1992, including TRS-80, Tandy 1000, Atari 8-bits, Apple 8-Bits, Amiga, Atari ST, early Macs, and many others.  So yes.. they are coming.  In fact, you can see a list here of planned and completed computer documentaries.

Can I come by and visit?

Sure, just check with me first and schedule a time.  I’m located in the Dallas/Ft.Worth metroplex, specifically the city of Kennedale.  If you like to exercise, I go out for a walk every evening for 30-60 minutes and sometimes people walk with me and chat.

Will you contribute a video clip for my YouTube channel?

Maybe.  it depends.  I am happy to do clips for people that are serious about their channel and put effort into their videos.  Generally if you have 10,000 or more subscribers, I will likely do it.  But I decide on a case-by-case basis.

Will you give a shout-out to my YouTube channel?

Short answer: NO.  I get asked this 10 times per day.  if I did it for everyone that asked, my videos would become nothing but shout-outs and people would stop watching my show.  Not only that, but the truth is 90% of the people that ask me this tend to have a channel that is crap and so it wouldn’t really matter if I gave a shout-out because nobody would subscribe anyway and then they’d just be mad at me for recommending they check out the channel.

Will you ever do a crossover episode with TechMoan, LGR, or somebody.

It’s surprising how often I get asked this, even though I have done several crossovers with LGR, Techmoan, Mondern Vintage Gamer, The Obsolete Geek, RetroGameCouch, and many others.

Will you check out this YouTube video?

Probably not.  I get sent 10 to 15 videos per day that people want me to watch.  I do not have time to watch them all, so I usually watch one or two.  You can send it, but no guarantee I’ll watch it.

I sent you an email 2 hours ago, why haven’t you answered?

As much as it surprises some people, I actually have a life outside of responding to email.  If you contact me, I may respond in a matter of minutes, hours, and sometimes even days.  However, if you email doesn’t really ask a specific question, is nonsensical,  or is just wanting me to watch a youtube video or something, I may not answer at all.

Tell me about your color blindness.

I am able to see all primary colors.  However, I have a deficiency in my red receptors.  So when I see colors that contain red, such as purple, pink, violet, yellow, and brown, my eyes will get confused and often gravitate towards one color or the other.  For example, I can see certain shades of purple when the color is highly saturated.  But, most of the time I will wind up seeing blue instead.

Have you heard about the special sunglasses that “cure” colorblindness.

Yes, I have heard. I suspect they are a scam.  There is nowhere you can actually try these on for yourself.  You are required to order a $300 pair of these things and hope they work.  I’ve read the science behind how they work, and I find myself being highly skeptical.  I would try a pair if I didn’t have to buy them first.

Why does it always sound like you have a cold?

I have chronic allergies.  My nasal cavities are swollen up most of the time, making it difficult to breath through my nose.  This can affect the way I sound.  The condition varies a bit from day to day.  So, one day I might be fine and the next I am not.  I have tried a variety of treatments for this and none have worked.  Afrin will work temporarily, but repeated use causes me to have heart arrhythmia so I rarely use it.

When are you coming to my city?

I do go to conventions throughout the year.  Usually you can find me at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, as well as the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo.  I do have a list here that you can check that shows where I will be this year.

Can I send you a donation?

Yes, but visit my page on donating first!  Click here!

I want to get into retro-computing.  Which computer do you recommend?

Typically I recommend the Commodore 64 because there is a large library of software, large user base to ask questions from, and the machines are still easy to find and relatively inexpensive.  However, I also recommend the Apple II series, Atari 400/800 line of computers, and old MS-DOS machines such as the Tandy 1000 and others.

I want to learn to play piano. Which retro keyboard do you recommend?

I don’t recommend you learn on a retro keyboard.  If money is a concern, just spend between $50 and $100 on any Casio or Yamaha made after 1992 and you’ll probably have a decent enough learning keyboard.  Playing tunes on the older 80s keyboards is actually MORE challenging, not less.

How can I support your channel?

The easiest way is to donate $1 per month on Patreon (or more if you desire).   If you do not like Patreon, you can also send direct paypal donations to my email address as well as shipping any hardware donations I might be in need of.