901460-03 VIC-20 Character ROM


MOS Technology 901460-03 VIC-20 Character ROM

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MOS Technolgy 901460-03, Commodore VIC-20 character ROM.  These are pulls from scrap VIC-20s but have been tested in a working VIC-20.  The character ROM is a fairly common failure.  When it goes, you may see any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Missing characters on the screen
  • parts of characters are missing, or doubled-up
  • bits of characters are flickering
  • no characters on the screen at all, but may have proper border and background color
  • often many game cartridges that use their own graphics will work fine, despite problems in BASIC.

Note about stock:  I have limited stock ready to ship, but I have more that can be tested. So if you see that it is out-of-stock, just wait a few days and check back as I will likely have more.

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