Commodore CD-32 compatible controller

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CD32 compatible controller for Amiga

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This is a custom controller manufacturer by TexElec for The 8-Bit Guy.  It was originally conceived as a companion for Petscii Robots on Amiga, since CD-32 pads are difficult and/or expensive to find.  However, this product should work with any game that supports CD-32 controllers.

As with any CD-32 controller, it is also backwards compatible with a regular Atari/Commodore joystick.  So, it will work with all of your Amiga games with just the D-Pad and single button.

In theory, it should work on an Atari 800, Commodore 64, etc. Again, only the 4 directions and 1 button are supported on these systems.  Warning – it may also cause keyboard scan issues on the C64 in BASIC.  You may have to plug it in after the game has been loaded.

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1 review for Commodore CD-32 compatible controller

  1. TAS (verified owner)

    Looks brand new, works perfect on my CD32. Would have got 5 stars but there is no ‘8 bit guy’ sticker on the controller.

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