Petscii Robots Soundtrack Cassette

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Petscii Robots Soundtrack Cassette.

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Attack of the Petscii Robots soundtrack Cassette contains all of the original music by Noelle Aman, designed for the Commodore 64 and Apple II Mockinboard, plus a neat bonus of the Commodore PET music “Faulty Robots” originally designed by Alex Semenov.   On the back side, it contains the “Alternate Soundtrack” composed by Anders Enger Jensen on modern synthesizers.

This cassette is not only a Chrome cassette for better sound quality, but it is also recorded at 1X speed directly from a digital source.  This means you will get a much higher quality recording than most professionally made cassettes even back in the day.

Side A  – Original Soundtrack and bonus!

Commodore 64 SID Music by Noelle Aman

  1. Metal Heads
  2. Metallic Bop
  3. Rushin’ In
  4. Robot Attack
  5. Get Psyched
  6. All Clear
  7. End of the Line

Apple II Mockingboard Music by Noelle Aman

  1. Metal Heads
  2. Metallic Bop
  3. Rushin’ In
  4. Robot Attack
  5. Get Psyched
  6. All Clear
  7. End of the Line
  8. Faulty Robots

Faulty Robots on Commodore PET by Alex Semenov

  1. Faulty Robots
  2. Rusty Gears
  3. Conveyer Belt
  4. Old Model
  5. Crosswired
  6. Scraplord
  7. Bosstown Dynamics
  8. Not Obsolete

Side B  – Alternate Soundtrack by Anders Enger Jensen

  1. Attack of the Petscii Robots Main Theme
  2. Level 1 “Research Lab”
  3. Level 2 “Headquarters”
  4. Level 3 “The Village”
  5. Level 4 “The Islands”
  6. Level 5 “Downtown”
  7. Level 6 “Pi University”
  8. Level 7 “More Islands”
  9. Level 8 “Robot Hotel”
  10. Level 9 “Forest Moon”


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Petscii Robots Soundtrack Cassette

  1. Hank (verified owner)

    Very well produced cassette. The artwork is high quality and the colored tape and case look good on the shelf and in the player. The J card contains a ton of notes that show the music was an intensive project for the musicians. The tape is well mastered and doesn’t have hiss, and the music is complex enough for active listening while also being relaxing enough to use as background music while working.

  2. RalpH hoskins (verified owner)

    Great cassette,, literally where do y’all get better quality tape than say netflix? The sound quality is amazing… out of the many newly manufactured tapes I have purchased recently this one sounds the best… I love the chip tunes but side two is amazing..and my favorite..anders jenson is something else… great release mr 8bit guy… everything I have ordered from you has always came quickly and is both a premium experience and a 10 out of 10… looking forward to getting the game for my sega soon… thanks for everything

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