A year in the making, Planet X2 is now finished and ready for sale. For those unfamiliar, it is a real-time strategy game developed for the Commodore 64.  It may very well be the only such game in existence on the platform.  It runs on any stock C64 and any compatible floppy drive.  It can be purchased here: The 8-Bit Guy Store


Features include:

  • Control up to 10 units
  • Build up to 52 buildings
  • Multi-tasking system handles up to 128 total units (player + enemy) simultaneously
  • Similar onscreen appearance to old-style turn-based strategy games such as Ultima
  • Similar gameplay concepts, which should be familiar to players of StarCraft, Warcraft, or Dune II.
  • Original soundtrack for the SID chip, as well as an included cassette with Roland MT-32 and Adlib versions.


  • Can I play it in an emulator? – Yes, you can!  A digital copy will be emailed to you as soon as you purchase, which should run in VICE or most any other emulator.
  • Will you provide a digital-only version for less money? – Not at this point. I invested a lot of money up front on the boxes, tapes, disks, labels, and manuals.  I need to sell most of those first.  After that, perhaps I will offer a cheaper digital option.
  • Will you should to my country? – For the most part, yes.  European customers should buy from EOX Studio’s.  Otherwise, I will ship to most other countries.
  • Will it work on SD-2-IEC? – Yes.  There is no copy protection in the game (rather pointless these days) so it will load from anything, even drives like the 1581 or other non-1541 compatible drives.

I recommend watching this review for detail on the gameplay:

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7 Responses

  1. Dan S.

    Just wanted to say that Planet X2 is an awesome game!
    I think it’s the first C64 game that I’ve purchased since the late 80’s!
    It’s quite addictive and has a lot of legs in terms of game play.
    I played it on my PAL modified C64 (with Jiffy DOS and an SD2IEC) even though I purchased the US version and the gameplay is spot on.
    Looking forward to getting the box with all the goodies inside.

  2. Adam Richardson

    I don’t have a C64. I want one now! I plan to buy this anyway and support your work! Maybe I will play it on the emulator until I get lucky enough to find a working one for this. I grew up with friends that had them but in those days my parents would never spend that kind of money on a toy. Well, now I want to make up for it 🙂

    FYI there is a typo in the FAQ.
    “Will you should to my country?” I presume should be “Will you ship to my country?”

    • Daniël Mantione

      A toy, it is wrong to call the C64 a toy, and indeed it was and is a problem that people did/do view the C64 as a toy. Commodore was a pioneer in computers for the home market and they understood that entertainment capabilities were important for the home market. The computers however, were intended for all kind of computer usage at home. That machine is ready to start programming in BASIC and that a large part of the user manual is devoted to learn people programming in BASIC is an important hint to how the computer was intended.

      If you never used a Commodore 64 I can absolutely recommend it. It is a computer with an incredibly rich software collection and user community, in the past but also in the present. Games are fun, software is interresting you wilkl learn how versatile it is. Often the experience is pure magic.

  3. Josef

    the game seems to be sold out. Is there a chance to buy it now and get a digital copy to play on Vice or another emulator?
    And maybe have the box with the game shipped to my location later when it is available again?
    Best Regards

    • Michael

      Ditto, it was sold out before I saw the video on youtube! I would love to purchase a copy.

  4. Brent

    Game looks cool. I recently got a C64, but I don’t have any games for it. I know my wife bought this for me, but she won’t let me have it till Christmas. 🙁 O well, don’t really have time to play until then anyway.
    Basically, this will be my first C64 game ever!

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