Comparison and review of 9 Plug n’ Play Direct-to-TV game consoles.

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  1. HarlandSanders

    Is a little bit difficult to find 8 bit computer in China,but I still like those old machine.I just noticed that this input box have spell check function!

  2. rolf

    I have the ms. pacman one, it’s half-broken though. Previously I thought it was completely broken but I discovered that if I try switch few times it will work.

    I just don’t know what to do with it, I want it to work so I can play with eyeclops projector lol

  3. Bård Baadstø Ildgruben

    I would absolutely LOVE it if you made a video on how to fix the audio on the AtGames Genesis Flashback console, like you did with the Radica. The AtGames Genesis was such a big disappointment for a lot of people. So if anyone found a way to hack it, to get better sound and remove the crap games, I think that would make a lot of AtGames owners very happy.

  4. Bernie

    Is there a good hdmi adapter for the C64 DTV (PAL)? I tried several which did not work.

    Regards Bernie


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