Since the game now runs on some 20 different platforms, I’m often asked “which version is the best?” Well, the simple answer I usually give is, “the best version is the one that runs on your favorite platform!” So if you’re an Apple guy, the Apple version is best, if you’re a Commodore guy, then the Commodore version is best, and so on. And that generally holds true. In fact, the C128 version is my personal favorite.

But, what if you weren’t familiar with any vintage platforms and you were just interested in trying out the game? Or maybe you have multiple vintage systems and you’re not sure which one of those is the best experience for this particular game? That being the case, I have ranked them all here for you from best to worst, based on my own experience and opinions. Only mostly-finished or finished ports are listed.

Here’s a comparison video showing all 18 versions.

That being said, I think the game is enjoyable on all platforms, and sometimes you have to take some context in mind. For example, the PET is rated towards the bottom. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great game for the PET. In fact, I think it’s one of the best. It’s just hard for a PET to compete with an Amiga, for example.

  1. Sega Genesis
  2. Super Nintendo / Super Famicom
  3. MS-DOS (VGA+AdLib)
  4. Commodore Amiga
  5. Sony PlayStation Portable
  6. MSX
  7. Enterprise 128
  8. Commodore 128
  9. Commodore 64 REU
  10. Commander X16
  11. Atari 7800
  12. Commodore Plus/4
  13. Commodore 64
  14. Apple II
  15. MS-DOS (CGA+PC Speaker)
  16. Oric 1 / Oric Atmos
  17. Atari 800
  18. Commodore PET
  19. Commodore VIC-20
  20. Sinclair ZX-Spectrum

Some of those were tough to decide. Some people may even disagree. For example, the Plus/4 vs. the C64 version. The C64 has better music, and some of the graphics look better. But the Plus/4 has a better intro screen and better map. So, it’s kind of a tie. Same with the C128 and C64-REU version. They’re virtually identical. The C128 wins because it has faster disk access and dual-monitor support. The VIC-20 and PET version just about tie as well. The VIC-20 has color, which is huge. But the PET has a larger player area, more maps, more easter eggs, and of course a live-map.

So anyway, there you have it. Even though the game was originally designed on the PET, there are 9 other platforms which now play the game better than the original.