OPL3LPT (Ad-Lib compatible Parallel Sound Card)


Adds Ad-Lib compatible sound to your MS-DOS computer via the Parallel Port.

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The OPL3LPT is an upgraded version of the OPL2LPT that I’ve been selling for a while.  It is an Ad-Lib compatible sound card that connects to your Parallel Port.  It is especially handy for laptop computers that have no internal sound card.  It is compatible with approximately 80% of MS-DOS games that use Ad-Lib sound.  Unlike the previous models, these are only sold as pre-built kits since they use a lot of surface mount parts.

This product is sold in two forms

  • Without Case – This is cheaper, and works just fine.
  • With Case – A little more expensive but has a nice-looking and protective case included.

System Requirements:

  • IBM PC or Compatible 386, 486, or better.
  • 1 available Parallel Port
  • 5V USB power source (such as a cell phone charger)
  • Driver,Patch software, assembly guide, Download Here: OPL2LPT Software

For more information, watch this video about the previous product:

You can find a 3D printed case design for this product here:

If you are located in Europe, please buy from here instead: https://www.serdashop.com/

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No Case, With Case

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