PETSCII Robots for Sony PSP

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PETSCII Robots for Sony PSP

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Petscii Robots has been ported to the Sony Playstation Portable.

System Requirements for Sony PSP

  • Firmware 3.80 or newer
  • Available Memory Stick

This version is only being made available as a digital download.  There is no boxed or lite version available.  In the digital download you will receive the following:

  • EBOOT.PBP file (the actual game)
  • A PDF of the Amiga version of the game for gameplay directions
  • A PDF specific to the Sony PSP explaining how to use and install it.

Additional Info

Additional information

Game Type

Digital Download Only, Lite Copy, Standard Box, Autographed Box

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for PETSCII Robots for Sony PSP

  1. Alex Lagle (verified owner)

    I never expected one of David’s games would be released onto a more modern console, but i’m very happy it was!

    The game itself is very fun, and runs great on the psp, ps vita, and even the ps tv. The controls do take a little bit to get used to, but it’s simple after a while.

    I’d highly recommend this to anyone who has a home brewed psp, ps vita, and ps tv!

  2. Cristian

    Alex ,thank you for the review i wanted this for the vita but was not sure if it works with adrenaline but you answeared my question

  3. Andy Priestap (verified owner)

    WOW! I’m absolutely flabbergasted that this works. I have a stock PSP and it was easy to install and looks & sounds great.

  4. Peter

    It is running great on PPSSPP emulator too 😀 Normal and CFW alike.

  5. Aleicyne (verified owner)

    I…. I just played this for the first time. I would have loved to play on a vintage machine, but sadly, the oldest PC I have is a Dell running XP. So, I picked up the PSP version because hey, I have a modded PSP. I also have a modded PS-TV. Seemed like the most logical course of action.

    This game is not logical.

    This game is pure JOY.

    Thank you to everyone involved, as you have truly made a masterpiece.

    P.S. In that first run, I died on Map 01 Easy. I mistook a Rollerbot for a mostly harmless Hoverbot and now I can relate to Swiss cheese. I have never been so happy to be hamburger.

  6. Luis Arcia (verified owner)

    PETSCII robots on the go, what more can I say

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