PETSCII Robots for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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PETSCII Robots for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Petscii Robots has been ported to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum!

System Requirements for ZX Spectrum

  • 48K RAM
  • Cassette Drive (or modern equivalent)

This version is only being made available as a digital download.  There is no boxed or lite version available.  In the digital download you will receive the following:

  • PET Robots.tap – a monochrome version with the PETSCII pseudographics
  • GFX Robots.tap – a monochrome version with the C64GFX graphics
  • Micro Bots.tap – a monochrome version with small graphics tiles
  • Color Bots.tap – a colored version with small graphics tiles
  • Faulty Robots.tap – a music demo with the alternative OST

You will also receive WAV files for each of these that can be used for loading on real hardware

Also included is a PDF users manual for the C64 version, which explains the gameplay.  And a smaller ZX Spectrum user guide PDF explaining ZX spectrum specific instructions.

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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for PETSCII Robots for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

  1. Athanasius (verified owner)

    A well made port of the game. I especially like the PET-mode it offers. As running the PET-version in VICE is a bit more of a hassle to start I like it to be able to play it under ZX Spin very easily. The GFX-mode adds some more detailed (non PETSCII-) elements to the game. The two “micro” modes I found interesting to see but almost unplayable as they are extremely zoomed out. This way they show you more from the game world then you are supposed to see so I also regard it as a bit of a “spoiler”. Anyway, a good port overall.

  2. bolo (verified owner)

    This is an excellent port, all elements are there, it looks very good (I really like the Color Bots version) and the beeper tunes are just mindblowing. Still, gameplay is the main attraction here, and PETSCII Robots really delivers, it’s very easy to get into and play (the keyboard layout works like a charm) but a challenge to beat. A minute to learn, a lifetime to master, that’s how I like my games! Highly recommended

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