Petscii Robots Soundtrack Vinyl Record

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Attack of the Petscii Robots Soundtrack Vinyl Record


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NOTE ABOUT AVAILABILITY:  This product is now in stock and shipping as of May 16, 2022.

The Alternate Soundtrack was created early on by Anders Enger Jensen.  Ironically, it has not been used in most of the original ports.  Currently, only the Sega Genesis version uses this soundtrack, although future 16-bit and 32-bit ports will probably use it as well.   These songs have also been heavily featured as background tunes in 8-Bit Guy videos, so they should sound familiar to you!


  1. Main Theme
  2. Level 1 – Research Lab
  3. Level 2 – Headquarters
  4. Level 3 – The Village
  5. Level 4 – The Islands
  6. Metallic Bop (Apple IIgs version)


  1. Level 5 – Downtown
  2. Level 6 – Pi University
  3. Level 7 – More Islands
  4. Level 8 – Robot Hotel
  5. Level 9 – Forest Moon

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Petscii Robots Soundtrack Vinyl Record

  1. Daniel G Stephens (verified owner)

    With hints of Jan Hammer, Hall & Oates and Survivor, this album ticks all the right 1980’s music nostalgia boxes. Each track stands on its own, but also slides right into the next – something not always present on modern albums in which the single is king. It’s a joy to listen to from track one to eleven (yes, it goes to 11). It also has a distinctly filmic soundtrack quality, which makes sense as it is a soundtrack – though to a marvelous game (check it out) for vintage computing hardware. And it pulls it off perfectly.

    The vinyl pressing is superb and heavy and the audio quality and mix are genuinely fantastic – Jensen does a masterful job of mastering for this beautifully analog medium.

    The only thing missing is a making-of; it would have been a treat to know the process David and Anders (and Noelie Aman) went through from recording to vinyl pressing. But perhaps there’s a future video about this to come.

    I highly recommend this album to anyone who loves 80’s movie soundtracks or simply the sweet awesomeness of well-played synths.

  2. Angel

    I heard this vinyl on the Techmoan channel and I fell in love right away with the music and since I love music of videogames I ordered it the next day, It came very fast and I love every single track it has.There is a song very similar to Holiday of Madonna you can easily do a mash up with that song. You will not regret your purchase.Ps My favorite track is The Village.

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