Petscii Robots Soundtrack Vinyl Record


Attack of the Petscii Robots Soundtrack Vinyl Record


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The Alternate Soundtrack was created early on by Anders Enger Jensen.  Ironically, it has not been used in most of the original ports.  Currently, only the Sega Genesis version uses this soundtrack, although future 16-bit and 32-bit ports will probably use it as well.   These songs have also been heavily featured as background tunes in 8-Bit Guy videos, so they should sound familiar to you!


  1. Main Theme
  2. Level 1 – Research Lab
  3. Level 2 – Headquarters
  4. Level 3 – The Village
  5. Level 4 – The Islands
  6. Metallic Bop (Apple IIgs version)


  1. Level 5 – Downtown
  2. Level 6 – Pi University
  3. Level 7 – More Islands
  4. Level 8 – Robot Hotel
  5. Level 9 – Forest Moon

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