Planet X2 for the Commodore 64

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Planet X2, the real-time-strategy game for the Commodore 64, created by The 8-Bit Guy in 2017!

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NOTE: Only Lite version and digital download are available going forward.

Planet X2, possibly the only Real-Time-Strategy game for the Commodore 64.

  • Runs on a stock Commodore 64 with floppy drive.
  • Multi-tasking game, runs up to 128 simultaneous processes.
  • Purchasers will receive a digital download of the game, manual, and soundtrack.

Lite Version:

  • Digital download of manual, game, and soundtrack.
  • Printed Manual
  • Floppy Disk

Digital Download

  • Download only, no physical product.
  • Includes game in .D64 (compatible with The C64 Mini, emulators, 1541Ultimate, or SD-2-IEC)
  • Also includes manual in PDF format, along with MP3 soundtrack.

Update: All copies being sold now include the additional maps that were added Christmas 2018, both on the disk, in the download, and included in the manuals.

If you aren’t familiar with the game, I recommend watching this review by Modern Vintage Gamer.

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Standard Box, Autographed Box, Lite Version, Digital Download

Reviews (29)

29 reviews for Planet X2 for the Commodore 64

  1. Mo linx

    Great realtime strategy game.

  2. tyranitar

    Great game. Unique concept, polished product, definitely pushes the machine to its limits.

  3. Nate (verified owner)

    Really fun and straightforward to understand RTS game. Great fun. Amazing what was done on a C64. Fun and good replay value.

  4. Joe (verified owner)

    A very addicting game with awesome music! The overall quality of everything is fantastic, you can tell a lot of love went into this.

  5. FedoraTipper

    A M A Z I N G

  6. Rory

    I didn’t buy the game because I don’t have a comodore 64. It looks cool though and I hope it sells well.


    Looks awesome, Rory, you can buy the game, then you will get a digital download in your email

  8. Alexander Elliott (verified owner)

    It’s great to see a new Commodore 64 game in 2017. Shipping was very fast.

  9. Peter

    unfortunately this game is way to expensive for customers like me in Australia. Due to the poor Australian dollar this game is way over $100 and i just cant afford to throw that sort of money at a game let alone a commodore 64 game. As much as i would love to play this game for free i hope it does not get uploaded and pirated as you certainly have put a lot of hard work into this game.

  10. Jeff Ledger

    If you like C&C or Starcraft style games, then PlanetX2 is definitely the game for you. This game is an instant C64 classic!

  11. Christopher

    wish I could get it I live in the uk and its out of stock too bad, huh.anyway it sounds like a great game and I watched the making of planet x2. well done

  12. Paolo Ventura

    I hope there will be an Amiga version of this game.

  13. kassem

    great game

  14. Tyler

    Awesome box, amazing manual and fun game. I played it in an emulator but I can’t wait to get my hands on a c64 so I can fire it up for real. I also really enjoyed the cassette soundtrack. Looking forward to Planet X3.

  15. Al

    Any chance this would fit on a cassette tape?

    • The 8Bit Guy

      Yes, it would fit. But it would also require re-writing bits of the code in order to be able to handle working from a cassette.

  16. BarryUlyssesThomasTaylor (verified owner)

    I usually prefer a turn-based strategy game over RTS, but this game has already taken hours from me and I have only played the first two maps on “easy.” 10 maps will last me quite a while, and for $20 plus shipping this is an amazing game! I look forward to Planet X3 when it comes out.

  17. Steve H. (verified owner)

    This has been hours of fun. Feels like a game made by a gamer, or at least someone who really understands what makes a high quality game – the content is great and the play is really well thought out. It even made a C64 gamer of my teenage son!

  18. jeffreykpuckett (verified owner)

    This is an awesomely well crafted game; fun to play too. Even better, it runs smoothly and flawlessly on my C64C. Guess I will be spending more time on my Commodore 64 than my XBox One.

  19. Ahmed

    SO GOOD!

  20. aCommodore64User

    Great Game! Almost better than some games I have played on Xbox One and PS4 consoles!

  21. DashStone

    I personally don’t have enough money for this (or a C64, or a C64 Emulator), but if I had the right stuff to play it, this would be the first game I buy!

  22. Derek

    My C64 comes in the mail tomorrow– will this be in stock again? Either way, I’m about to purchase Planet X3 also!

  23. Jake

    One of my friends asked to borrow my C64C to play this game so I did. I went over to his house and watched him play it and I was blown away! amazing game. I would really love to purchase a box version but IT’S OUT OF STOCK :(!!!! Please restock I really want to play this game for myself.

  24. Rune Skarbom

    Is it any chanse that this will be available again. Is there somewhere or somehov I can put my self on a list for a boxed copy ?

  25. Andrew Tieszen (verified owner)

    I just bought this yesterday, and the gameplay is surprisingly deep and nuanced considering the C64’s limitations, offering a real challenge instead of the “artificial” difficulty of most C64 games I’ve played. The controls are equally simple and flexible, allowing me to get the hang of them in less than a minute and focus on strategy rather than mechanics. The graphics are clear and play well with the C64’s strengths and weaknesses. It probably is the only C64 RTS, but that doesn’t really matter as it’s just a great game all around. I’m not normally a big fan of RTS games, but I could tell from watching your development videos, and can confirm after playing, that this would be a game I’d keep coming back to.

  26. Russell Mills (verified owner)

    Although I no longer own a c64 or MS-DOS system, after recently watching the development videos for Planet X2 and X3, and seeing the hardwork and love put into these games, I just had to buy them and support. After playing these games – last night 3 hours on just one level – they brought back great memories as a child, so a big thank you!

    Although not designed for this system, I played them on a Mac! (virtualC64 and Dosbox emulation) and they play wonderfully!

  27. Joey Greenhaw (verified owner)

    Cool game. Runs fine on Combian64 using DTV emulator. Since real c64s are so expensive, decided to go the emulator route. Also using a emulator allows you to save snapshots so you can save progress. Had a Vic20 when I was a kid and always wanted the c64.

  28. Jeff Stratmann (verified owner)

    I got the digital download and I am very pleased with the content of this package. The game works just fine on a real C64C (PAL) using a SD2IEC adapter. It is fairly easy to understand but somewhat hard to get into the controls at first. Really happy WASD Movement is possible! I will certainly put much more hours into this and I am very glad to have supported the work that went into this by buying the game.

  29. harrykotter

    is that work on 128 witch 64 mode?

    • The 8Bit Guy

      Yes, of course.

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