Anders Enger Jensen – Retro Grooves Cassette Vol.1 + Digital Download

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Anders Enger Jensen’s album on compact cassette and digital download.

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This is a real compact cassette, professionally manufactured on high quality media with great artwork! (Note: These tapes are not CrO2, even though the labels say the are, because CrO2 is not available anymore)

This is being sold to customers in the USA.  If you are in Europe, please buy from EOX studios in Norway using this link:

You will also receive a download link for the digital version, which includes high quality MP3 files encoded with meta-data and artwork.

List of songs on SIDE A:

  • 01: 8-Bit Keys theme remix
  • 02: Legacy of the 90s
  • 03: A moment’s delight
  • 04: Roland CM32L song
  • 05: Aurora Borealis
  • 06: Return to the 80s
  • 07: Ode to Hanna remix
  • 08: Stargazer
  • 09: The Shores of Alqualondë
  • 10: Kindred Dreams
  • 11: Voyage to Andromeda
  • 12: Contrails
  • 13: Song for Thelma
  • 14: 8-Bit Keys intro remix
  • 15: 8-Bit Keys intro MT-32 version

List of songs on SIDE B:

  • 01: 8-Bit Voyager
  • 02: Crystal Starlight
  • 03: Vanguard
  • 04: LA Love
  • 05: 64-Bit Controller
  • 06:  Dreams, Inc.
  • 07:  Robots R Us Remix
  • 08:  Clavis Aurea
  • 09:  Summer in Andromeda
  • 10:  The Norwegian Blue
  • 11:  Wave Journey
  • 12:  8-Bit Reggae
  • 13:  Starlight
  • 14:  Serenity


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Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Anders Enger Jensen – Retro Grooves Cassette Vol.1 + Digital Download

  1. James

    I would buy it if it came out on CD but I have heard some of the tracks from the 8 bit guy soundtrack and there great.

  2. Nils

    Baught this directly from eoxstudios in Norway. Great high quality chrome-oxide tape. Sounds top-notch on my hi-fi. Very pleased with the musical quality also. Deserves definitely more than a 2 stars review.

  3. Anthony O

    Great Music

  4. Nathan (verified owner)

    I first bought this because of the novelty of it being on cassette, but coming with a digital copy was a huge bonus for me, because I would have just ripped it to mp3 if it came on CD and most likely place the cd on the shelf and forget about. My curiosity turned me into a fan. I love this album. I listen to it every other day at work because it a great album to work to with cool retro vibes and just fun tracks to keep your mood positive.

  5. Nathan S (verified owner)

    Anders’s music is really great! The nostalgia of the cassette is wonderful too. Unfortunately, the compression artifacts are noticeable in the MP3s. Lossless, or at least a higher bit rate lossy digital version is needed. This would have been a 5 star otherwise. I’m hesitant to buy other products with digital downloads given this experience, but the cassette is awesome.

  6. gchzwatz


  7. 8-bit truth

    Anders Enger is not doing business with the 8-Bit Guy Anymore after creative differences. Please be advised that he is no longer providing 8-bit with tapes and 8-bit is pocketing all the profit.

    • The 8Bit Guy

      This is ridiculous. Anders and I are great friends and are working on several projects together. He simply doesn’t have any cassettes on hand at all at the moment, for me, or for anyone else. They are in production as we speak, but it takes time to get them done.

  8. Joaquin (verified owner)

    I’m quite impressed that there’s modern efforts in producing high-quality tapes, especially in CrO2 formulation. Really makes the novelty factor spot-on. Definitely something to cherish. I kinda second with what Nathan said about providing FLAC/Lossless versions, but at least that doesn’t distract the enjoyment of getting a pre-recorded quality cassette in 2017.

  9. Mike M (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this tape. All of the songs are fantastic. It’s worth more really. Anyway, if you are on the edge, buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

  10. Hugo Segovia

    I would like to buy just the digital music, if I could. I mean, I bought the CD, but I’ll never listen to it ’cause I don’t have a CD player. Same for the cassete.

  11. Johnathan (verified owner)

    Great Music, Love it, The Cassette Plays nicely

  12. juan sanchez

    can we just buy the digital download?

    • The 8Bit Guy

      I just handle distribution of the physical media here in the USA. You’d have to ask Anders Jensen about a digital download.

  13. Dave T (verified owner)

    Warm, pleasant, and an over happy feel to the music. What a wonderful collection of retro-electronica! I mean, this stuff is just right! I gave a cassette to my 19-year-old gamer of a son for use in his “hand-me-down” car! After educating him on the concepts of cassettes vs digital media he is hooked on the concept. As Techmoan put it, cassettes are actually a pretty good medium for music

  14. Timothy (verified owner)

    Great variety of retro music!

  15. davidaspitzer (verified owner)

    I went ahead and purchased without having heard any of Anders music before. I was expecting SID chip mashup. I must say the 8 bit vibe runs deep in his music but they are way better then expectation – quite simply its a whole album of fun catchy tunes, with a polished production value – I’m working on a PhD right now and I love having Anders tunes playing in the background while I study. Caffeine and upbeat music (no vocals) is all I need while i do my work, and Anders tunes fit the bill. – Ill have to pick up volume 2 !

  16. Sebastian Samuelsson

    I heared about this artist when i surfed around on YouTube about record-players cause i rather listen in that format. Then i found this guy that did a reveiw about the rokblok-player that was a total waiste of money. But anyway, he did use this record with retro grooves vol 1 when ge did the review so i looked it up and found Anders and his work cause i wanted a copy. Now, if i understand it right only 100 record copies were released or can i order a copy somewhere?

  17. Jack (verified owner)

    This is fantastic music! Although I love the digital version, there’s something enjoyable about having physical media. I purchased an old Walkman to play this cassette and it sounds great! Can’t recommend this cassette enough!

  18. Tom

    Out of stock even in I hope to purchase vol 1,2 and 3 together.

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