My review and comparison of the 2017 Chevy Volt and the Tesla Model 3.

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  1. Felix Padilla

    Hi, I was wondering if you had a MS-DOS laptop for sale? BTW I love your YouTube videos!

  2. Ayden Marietta

    I’m a huge fan of you and your videos. I have an iBook clamshell too. Can you email me sometime? My email address is aydenmarietta@

    P.s. You are amazing

  3. Richard

    On your mac plus video, did you know there is an brightness Dial on the bottom left of the screen

  4. Grand

    We liked the review of the dash board. Nice to see how it looks
    Thanks for posting this.

  5. Geovanne Moura Ferreira

    Hi 8bit, my name is Geovanne, I am from Brazil, and a big fan of your videos especially those evolving old computer restore.
    But these days, I am more interested in the electric cars, they didn’t quite catch yet here, mostly because of the lack of EVs charging stations, and because there is no incentives by the government to buy them, but anyway, once they catch, they catch.
    Today I drive a conventional gas car (not so much conventional, it is flex fuel but that is for another conversation), and I am trying to convince myself to consider the electric car once the time comes and they get around. My question is how do you convinced youself? I been looking the models and arrived on a few conclusions, I definitely don’t like Teslas and I don’t even have a good reason, the Chevy Bolt is cool kinda reminds me of an Honda Fit (must be the blue), the Volt is ok, and the Leaf eeeeh I prefer wait until the new model goes to sale. But the range of them makes me back of a little, here some of us makes Small trips to outside of town, in small ranches, unite the family and friends for some smaller celebrations, but any of those trips surpasses or get very close to the maximum range. I am open to the change, but I also like the assurance of the conventional stuff.

    Anyway this text must be a mess, and I thank you a lot for your attention, and for the good stuff that you put in the channel, keep up with the good work, and I look forward to the next video.


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