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Silverimage album on compact cassette and digital download.

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This is a real compact cassette, professionally manufactured on high-fidelity type 1 media with great artwork!

This is being sold to customers in the USA.  If you are in Europe, please buy from EOX studios in Norway using this link:

Inside the cassette case there is a card with a web address and download code for the digital version.  However, it appears the duplication company may have the wrong codes on these, so an automatic digital download has been added here instead.

List of songs on SIDE A:

  • 01-Leaving Moments
  • 02-Troubled Hearts
  • 03-Greener Grass
  • 04-Darkness
  • 05-Demon Nights
  • 06-Standing in the Rain
  • 07-Into the End

List of songs on SIDE B:

  • 01-Don’t Sleep
  • 02-Open Her Eyes
  • 03-Serpent Canyon
  • 04-Hold my Hands
  • 05-Secrets
  • 06-The Sunspire


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