PETSCII Robots for Commodore 64, VIC-20, PET, and C64 REU.

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PETSCII Robots for Commodore Computers

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Attack of the PETSCII Robots is for Commodore 64, VIC-20, and PET computers.  All 3 versions are part of the same disk.  The C64 version is on the front, and the VIC/PET versions are on the back of the disk. (In the digital download, the PET version is located on the VICROBOTS.D64)

System Requirements for C64

  • Commodore 64, 64c, 128, SX-64, or educator 64.
  • 5.25″ disk drive, or SD-2-IEC or other SD card readers.
  • “TheC64” products such as the mini or maxi, however SNES controller is not supported on these.

System Requirements for VIC-20

  • Commodore VIC-20 with 35K RAM expander (40K total)
  • 5.25″ disk drive, or SD-2-IEC or other SD card readers.

System Requirements for PET

  • Commodore PET or CBM system with 32K of RAM, or Tynemouth Mini-PET.
  • 5.25″ disk drive, or SD-2-PET or other SD card readers

Description of the various configurations:

Digital Download Only – $10

  • D64 images for C64, VIC-20, and PET
  • PDF for Users Manual

Lite Copy – $25

  • Physical full-color users manual
  • 1541 compatible floppy disk.  (C64 version on front, VIC/PET on back of disk)
  • D64 images for C64, VIC-20, and PET
  • PDF for Users Manual

REU Version Info:

The REU Version requires a Commodore 1764 or compatible REU with at least 128K.  The game has been redesigned to use the C128 artwork, and a number of other enhancements.

REU Lite Version – $25

  • Physical full-color users manual
  • 1541 compatible floppy disk, double-sided.
  • Disk images for 1541, 1571, and 1581 versions.
  • PDF for Users Manual

Additional Info

Additional information

Game Type

Digital Download Only, Lite Copy, Standard Box, Autographed Box, REU download only, REU Lite Copy, REU Combo, REU Combo Autographed

Reviews (16)

16 reviews for PETSCII Robots for Commodore 64, VIC-20, PET, and C64 REU.

  1. Athanasius (verified owner)

    What a great and challenging game! I played the first maps and am in love with this game. A clever mix between action and puzzle/tactics. I enjoy the interactivity of the world and the different possibilities and options I have to defeat the enemy. Ingenious design. And the music sounds great. I first purchased the digital version only but just had to come back for the lite version (the manual is beautiful!). Like X2/X3 this game is an instant classic for me. Congratulations, you did it again David!

  2. Lauren Rogers (verified owner)

    A Great game! however, when i dowloaded it and unziped it, it only contained the c64 and vic version! could i have help?

    • The 8Bit Guy

      The PET version is on the same disk with the VIC-20. When you get the physical version in the mail, the disk label will make this obvious. But if you just have the digital version, I can see your confusion.

  3. Markus Filipsson (verified owner)

    Amazing! The start screen alone would have blown my mind back in the day 🙂

  4. Frederic Bezies (verified owner)

    Downloaded it on day one, and I was happily surprised by the quality. Great OST, I played both C64 and PET version. Loved them both, even if there is no sound for the PET version.

    Every level is well designed and there is always a way to get rid off a robot in a safe way. Just find it.

    I simply love it!

  5. null

    I will definitely buying it if there is a Plus/4 version available.

  6. Björn Benner (verified owner)

    I love this game. Great work.

  7. Graham (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for this great game. Is there any E.T.A. for the PET version with sound?

    • The 8Bit Guy

      Yes, the final version was completed yesterday. You can re-download from your original link and it will be the updated vrsion.

  8. Martin Furlanič (verified owner)

    I follow David for some time now. And I couldn’t wait for purchasing the game. Just an awesome idea from the beginning. The gameplay is fantastic even for me who I’m not an arcade type of player. But the Petscii robots blew me away. Althought that the C64 is the love of my life, I played it on all three platforms and enjoyed it at maximum.
    Great job David, keep on the great work, you have all my support.
    Regards, Martin

  9. Hunter Turner (verified owner)

    Wow, what a great game with great quality! I love it!

  10. John Beck

    Will you be programing a dos version of this game?

  11. andreas (verified owner)

    The game itself is very entertaining. Played the digital version while waiting for my physical copy which I just received today. Sadly my copy didn’t survive the shippment due to heat. The floppy is warped and the booklet somehow stuck together which is a shame. In no way is this a fault of David. I just want people to keep it in mind during the summer month that this might happen (if you’re ordering from Europe for example).

  12. J.P. (verified owner)

    Flippin’ perfect. It looks, plays, and sounds like a C64 game should. It balances fun and frustrating perfectly, and would have been one of those games we all had if it had been available in the 80’s.

  13. Atul

    I think Attack of the PETSCII Robots is the best game I played even with modern games (Using Shareware)

  14. Jeff Stratmann (verified owner)

    I got the digital download and just like Planet X2, I am very pleased with the content delivered here. The game works fine on a real C64C (PAL) using a SD2IEC adapter. However, it does not seem to be compatible with my version of the padswitcher64 (A SNES Gamepad adapter) although using a SNES Pad is one of the noteworthy features – the adapter available in the standard box must be different in some ways. I do not know if that is a bug, an issue on my end or simply unknown incompatibility. I also noticed that the music doesn’t sound that great on my machine. Likely due to known issues of the later SID chip (had other games and demos too that sounded bad in this setup).
    Luckily, it works and sounds great in emulation – Preferring VICE with “old C64 NTSC” settings here.

  15. Stu (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic game. I brought the standard version and the REU version, and the 128 version, and then decided to get the Amiga version as well……all digital downloads. I’ve played it to death, and completed all levels of every version on max difficulty. Some of them seem impossible to even survive even the beginning at first. But after much plotting and planning, there is always away to lure robots away and get them stuck somewhere out of the way while you obtain weapons to deal with them.

    Lets see more offical levels, and you creative users… about user levels using the level map creator. Also, how about Petscii robots 2. I can already see how the REU version could use even more ram and sprite multiplexing to get even closer in appearance to the Amiga port. Multi load and even in level loading from REU to increase size of maps etc. More robot variations, more weapons. Comon Dave, you can do it, This game could expand to be the all time greatest C64 game ever. 🙂

  16. Alex (verified owner)

    I purchased the c64 version as a digital download quite some time ago. As a result, I was limited to the c64 keyboard controls. I recently purchased a snes user port adapter from Texelec. I must say that playing the c64 version with a snes controller makes all the difference to the enjoyment. You can sit back from a large screen TV and enjoy this excellent game from a comfy chair. I own several other versions of Petscii Robots, all purchased from the 8 bit Guy. But playing on the c64 with the snes controller is my new favourite. My take away message is to purchase a physical copy with the snes userport adapter. Or, if you jumped into the digital download as I did, do yourself a favour and purchase the upa from Texelec. Either way, Petscii Robots is a great game and well worth purchasing. Highly recommend.

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