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This is a compilation of all of the background tunes that have been used in 8-Bit Guy and 8-Bit Keys

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This album is a compilation of many of the songs you have heard in the background on The 8-Bit Guy and 8-Bit Keys.  Four different artists are featured, as well as all of the “toy keyboard” compositions by David Murray on 8-Bit Keys.  Most of the purchase price actually goes directly to the artists as royalties.  So, by purchasing here you are supporting many creators at once.  The CD and artwork you will receive are professionally manufactured, not burned copies.  This is the real thing!

You will also receive a download link for the digital version, which includes high quality MP3 files encoded with meta-data and artwork.

List of songs on the album:

  • 01 Anders Enger Jensen – Aurora Borealis
  • 02 Anders Enger Jensen – Clavis Aurea
  • 03 Anders Enger Jensen – Legacy of the 90s
  • 04 Anders Enger Jensen – Return to the 80s
  • 05 Anders Enger Jensen – Smooth Bed 1
  • 06 Anders Enger Jensen – Vanguard
  • 07 Anders Enger Jensen – 8-Bit Keys Remix
  • 08 Anders Enger Jensen – Darkness
  • 09 Izioq – Mogwai Party
  • 10 Izioq – World of Izioq
  • 11 Phillip Gross – A Robot on the Dancefloor
  • 12 Phillip Gross – Electric
  • 13 Scott Lee – Flow
  • 14 Scott Lee – The Child
  • 15 Alexander Brandon – Hope II
  • 16 Alexander Brandon – Human Evolution
  • 17 David Murray – Ultima PS55
  • 18 David Murray – Way to Gallifrey PSS270
  • 19 David Murray – Project 08 on PSR-36
  • 20 David Murray – 8-Bit Keys Theme
  • 21 David Murray – Carol of the toy keyboards
  • 22 David Murray – CT-380 Demo
  • 23 David Murray – Frozen Lightyears PSS470
  • 24 David Murray – Luna Waves PSS270
  • 25 David Murray – Squarewave Delight
  • 26 David Murray – Warhawk PSR36
  • 27 David Murray – Casio March
  • 28 David Murray – Commando PSR32

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Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Soundtrack Vol 1 – Compact Disc + Digital Download

  1. Mark

    If you like the music from the videos, then you will not be disappointed. Some tunes are quite good and all of them are entertaining. The CD itself is produced very nicely. The only improvement would be to have an insert for the front of the jewel case–but this is a minor quibble. Great job all-around.

  2. Jason

    Great music, quality printing and cd design.

  3. Markus Misins

    You will love it if you like the music in the videos

  4. Markus Misins

    You will love it

  5. Wesley Irish

    If you love his videos, you’ll love this. It is absolutely amazing and full of wonderful music.

  6. Josh (verified owner)

    I just bought this item and listening to the digital download it is unbelievable. This is a great mix of 8 bit tracks.

  7. James

    Great music the only problem is that there’s no cover art in the cd case. I know you have made some cover artwork because the png file came with the download.

  8. Daniel (verified owner)

    Top notch! Great music!

  9. alvaro (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff. Listening to this for some odd reason makes me want to clean all my old computers.

  10. Hunter

    Really wanted this CD but it’s out of stock. Hope it’s in stock soon.

    • The 8Bit Guy

      Sorry, that was a mistake. I had the quantity wrong in the system. I still have some left.

  11. Ville

    I really want this CD, well, actually I just wan’t the music..! The CD is out of stock, but I hope the songs become available as a digital download, I would gladly pay for that.

  12. Mark

    I also would love to pay for a digital download as I live in England and it would be much easier.

  13. Michael

    David can’t you provide a possibility for digital downloading all the music cd’s you are offering at your site? Maybe via Bandcamp or something similiar. I really would like to hear your music.

  14. Jack

    Like @Michael, please add a digital download!

  15. Ken Wiebe

    Hi David, are you getting more of these or making the soundtrack available as a download? Would buy!

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