Planet X3 for MS-DOS computers

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Planet X3 for MS-DOS computers.

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Planet X3 is finally here!  It is the long-awaited sequel to Planet X2.  However, X3 is designed for MS-DOS compatible computers.  And what’s cool is it will run on the oldest and slowest of MS-DOS computers.  (sorry X3 soundtrack cassette no longer available)

Minimum System Requirements for CGA/Tandy/Hercules Version:

  • 8088 @ 4.77 Mhz (recommend 8 Mhz)
  • 256K of RAM
  • 360K or 1.44MB floppy, or install on hard drive.
  • PC-Speaker, Tandy, or Ad-Lib sound

Minimum System Requirements for EGA/VGA Version:

  • 8088 @ 10 Mhz (recommend 286 at 10 Mhz)
  • 256K of RAM
  • 360K or 1.44MB  floppy, or install on hard drive.
  • PC-Speaker, Tandy, or Ad-Lib sound

Below are some examples of different video modes supported, including CGA 4-color, CGA-Composite, Tandy 16-Color, and VGA 256-color.

CGA 4-Color Mode

CGA Composite Mode

Tandy 16-Color Mode

VGA 256-color Mode

Additional supported modes. These modes have been added after the game was released, and so many of the physical copies of the media already in circulation don’t have these modes.  All new copies of the game do include them.

  • Hercules 720 x 350 x 2
  • Plantronics Colorplus 320 x 200 x 16
  • Tandy Hi-Res 640 x 200 x 16
  • Tandy Med-res 320 x 200 x 16 (auto-down-converted from VGA graphics)
  • EGA 640 x 200 x16

Description of the various configurations:

Digital Download Only – $10

  • Disk Images for 360K and 720K versions
  • PDF for Users Manual and Tactical Guide
  • MP3 soundtrack for all audio modes

Lite Copy 1.44MB – $20

  • 3.5″ (1.44MB) disk for CGA, Tandy, and VGA computers with 13 maps
  • User Manual
  • Full digital download with MP3 soundtrack

Standard Box 1.44MB – $35

  • Retail Box
  • 3.5″ (1.44MB) disk for CGA, Tandy, and VGA computers with 13 maps
  • User Manual
  • Tactical Manual
  • Full digital download with MP3 soundtrack

Standard Box 1.44MB + 360K combo – $40

  • Retail Box
  • 3.5″ (1.44MB) disk for CGA, Tandy, and VGA computers with 13 maps
  • 5.25″ (360K) disk for CGA and Tandy computers with 9 maps
  • User Manual
  • Tactical Manual
  • Full digital download with MP3 soundtrack

Autographed Box 1.44MB – $45

  • Retail Box
  • 3.5″ (1.44MB) disk for CGA, Tandy, and VGA computers with 13 maps
  • Extra disk label for 360K (if you want to write your own)
  • User Manual
  • Tactical Manual
  • Full digital download with MP3 soundtrack
  • Signed by the 8-Bit Guy

Autographed Box 1.44MB + 360K combo – $50

  • Retail Box
  • 3.5″ (1.44MB) disk for CGA, Tandy, and VGA computers with 13 maps
  • 5.25″ (360K) disk for CGA and Tandy computers with 9 maps
  • User Manual
  • Tactical Manual
  • Full digital download with MP3 soundtrack
  • Signed by the 8-Bit Guy

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Lite Copy 360K, Lite Copy 1.44MB, Standard Box 360K, Standard Box 1.44MB, Standard Box Combo, Autographed Box 360K, Autographed Box 1.44MB, Autographed Box Combo, Digital Download Only

Reviews (27)

27 reviews for Planet X3 for MS-DOS computers

  1. ryan.stoddard (verified owner)

    For someone who was too young to play DOS games, Planet X3 was a great choice to get started many years too late. The game is challenging for a beginner like me, but it is good at making me use strategy and decision making skills in a higher stakes game than a tame game like SimCity. The many wonderful different maps and the soundtrack on cassette really make it good value. In fact, I am considering getting Planet X2 for the C64. My main complaint is that David is not going back in time to sell Planet X3 and becoming a millionaire. Keep up the good work and keep them coming!

  2. Aaron Whooley (verified owner)

    Just ordered it through your site, very impressed that I immediatly got download link straight to my inbox so I can have a sneak peak while I wait, thank you!

  3. Ray Redondo

    This game is amazing! I am actually going to be playing it again now after I write this review. Something that would be nice is to be able to buy the digital download separately, but I got this on Kickstarter, so I didn’t have to worry about it. In any case, great game man! I hope to see more!

  4. Gabe (verified owner)

    Awesome! Great product, Super quick shipping. Thank you so much!

  5. Alexander Jeger (verified owner)

    What a great game! I don’t own a DOS-computer anymore, but I can play this little gem comfortably with dosbox and enjoy all the different graphic- and music-modes. I had a tough time with gameplay until I understood how it works – it’s basically a mix between an action and a tactic game, there are no C&C-like “tank rushs” and no cheap ways to win the game as the enemy isn’t particularly clever, but very persistend and aggressive. The maps are wonderfully designed, challenging and they give much possibility for tactical playing. And what a joy it is if I discover the enemy base, write down the exact coordinates of his buildings and launch a massive missile attack. I’ve bought the “lite”-version but I like the game so much I consider purchasing a boxed edition as well. A real gem!

    • The 8Bit Guy

      You can attack with sentry tanks. Bring them all near the enemy base, then bring them in quickly and convert to sentry mode. Keep one of them in manual mode to attack the sentry pods.

  6. Nicholas gibson (verified owner)

    I love the game. It is a very fun and has a great learning curve.

  7. Some Dude

    Planet X3 is very fun to play, however, it is very difficult for me, even on the easy setting, but, if you are into old video game music, it is well worth it even if you do not play the game at all as you get like 60 great songs for only $20.

  8. William Hayden

    I purchases the deluxe boxed set during the kick starter which included Planet X2 and X3. It was my first kick starter campaign ever backed and my main goal was to support David and his team. All throughout the process David and his team exceeded all expectations with what can only be called a perfectly run campaign. These games are a huge dose of nostalgia. I love the games and all that comes with them from the box, manual, map guide, floppies and the box. It’s all there and glorious to behold. Add onto that the digital download, compact cassette packed with awesome music and even an available LP. I don’t have vintage computers (I often regret getting rid of them, but when you are in the military for years you learn to live light) so I play on DOS Box and VICE. These games are a great buy for a number of reasons and I couldn’t recommend them more.

  9. Athanasius (verified owner)

    I ordered the game a second time – this time boxed and with a 360k disk (this alone should tell you how much I like this game). As there seems to be no way to edit my earlier review I’d like to give my impressions to the boxed version here. The box is very well and sturdily crafted and gives me a nice feeling of nostalgia. The cassette with the soundtrack ist just a wonderful little addition and I’m glad I still own a cassette-player to listen to it. Now I own the complete package of X3. I look forward to the next game (or to additions to the current game)!

    @The 8Bit Guy: Yes, indeed, the slow surrounding of the enemy is another well working tactic. At the moment I favorise to storm the enemy bases with my exploding tanks and then use a heavy tank to eliminate the remaining sentry pod. It’s a pleasure how there are different ways to beat the enemy.

  10. Boban Panov (verified owner)

    This game is wonderful, kept me in front of the screen way longer than I thought, just wow. Thank you guys for making this awesome game.

  11. BILL2002

    Now that’s what you call a MASTERPIECE.

    PS: It’s always fun seeing the protoids crying in the distance when you beat a level

  12. Kevin P.

    As a volunteer beta tester (you can find my name in the manual!) I can say that the Planet X3 will meet your expectations, even as a modern gamer in 2019. Though this is a game made for DOS, the quality, polish, gameplay, and fun factor is what set this apart from a lot of other DOS era games. In other words, had this game been released in the 80’s or even early 90’s, we’d be seeing Planet X3 on everyone’s top 10 retro PC games of all time. Don’t even worry getting the physical copies of the game if you don’t have the hardware; just purchase the digital download and play it on DOSbox! I’m considering purchasing an old school DOS laptop just so I can play the game on the intended hardware, that’s how much I love Planet X3.

  13. Finn Maloney

    Just Awesome !! 5 Out of 5!!

  14. luis

    hi david i am from Uruguay. i am a fan of your videos in Youtube. i want to buy your game but i have a big question. it works in my Windows 7 pc ????

  15. Kyle Fassbinder

    I love this game. The detail is so amazing and I’m hoping someday someone will port this over for the Gameboy or Gameboy Advance.

  16. steph (verified owner)

    This kind of strategy game, like Nectaris/DOS/1995, is perfect for tablet/smartphones, runs flawlessly with Magic DOSBox Android but I’m very disappointed by the lack of mouse support. Nearly unplayable with only a virtual keyboard.

  17. Alexander Blohmè (verified owner)

    The game was great, but there’s a few things I would like to point out, first: I would like to be able to build a wall at my location (now I have to move the tank away for it to build). Second: the speed when moving is a bit too fast? Maybe it’s possible to make movement a bit smoother? Anyways, I give the game 9 of 10!

  18. Aloysius

    It possible to play modern day laptops

  19. Andre Feofiloff (verified owner)

    Great game, David! Well done! I’m playing on dosbox, and enjoying a bunch!! Can’t wait to order a floppy copy, to play on my “old” IBM aptiva pentium (oldest one I have right now…). We jumped from an apple ii clone (Brazilian Dismac 8100) to a 386, then to a Pentium (which I still have). Keep up the good work!! Anyone looking for a fun and very addictive vintage game is set with this one!

  20. Finn Maloney


  21. Frederic Bezies (verified owner)

    Well, I bought it a few days ago in digital version because I don’t have old computers to play with… And I fell in love with it, even if I am really a bad RTS player. And I mean really bad 🙂

    I only beat it once. Try the Atoll map to begin, others are harder, like “Inferno” where Protoids kicked my bottom after I destroyed their first base.

    I laughed a lot when I saw snowmen in “North Pole” map. I will beat every single at least once… Well, I hope.

    Thanks David, Anders, Renaud and the others for such a great game!

  22. Jacob M. (verified owner)

    Fantastic game and a proud owner. Unfortunately, the 5.25″ floppy disk is already not reading correctly anymore; however, thank you for providing a digital copy so I can make a new replacement disk or just put it straight onto my CF card. I will definitely sink many more hours into this game. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  23. Russell Mills (verified owner)

    Although I no longer own a c64 or MS-DOS system, after recently watching the development videos for Planet X2 and X3, and seeing the hardwork and love put into these games, I just had to buy them and support. After playing these games – last night 3 hours on just one level – they brought back great memories as a child, so a big thank you!

    Although not designed for this system, I played them on a Mac! (virtualC64 and Dosbox emulation) and they play wonderfully!

  24. Vee

    This is amazing!!! I’ve been very busy and the list of games I want to play keeps growing. It took me a long while to finally sit down and play planet X3.
    I went into this game with some trepidation I must admit, I enjoyed X2 and was worried this game would fall short of your Commodore 64 masterpiece, however, I needn’t worry, everything that made X2 an enjoyable game is still here, along with graphical as well as gameplay improvements.
    Thank you Mr. Murry for giving us all this modern classic!!

    PS. My one gripe is that you did not include an option to use the WASD keys for movement like most modern games, including Planet X2. Is there any way this could be changed in the future or is there already a way to configure input that I am missing.

  25. John Beck (verified owner)

    Just got the digital copy Love It For Dos

  26. Anthony Ionta (verified owner)

    Wasn’t sure I was a fan of RTS, but wow – this is so addictive! Nearly finished it now 🙂 Again, beautifully presented in box with glossy manuals. I also got the edition which included the soundtrack on audio cassette. Now, where did I put my Walkman…

  27. Wes Moyer (verified owner)

    I finally got enough time to play! I went real slow on the first game to get the feel, so it took a long time to beat the first level! My only tweak suggestion would be a faster way to enter the coordinates for the missiles. If you could maybe hit a hotkey and just type in the numbers, that would be great – if not, maybe add an additional key to jump by 10’s or even 50’s. CTRL+X= up 50, SHIFT+CTRL+X=down 50, etc. Lots of fun, and with the adlib card in it makes for a more enjoyable experience – the music is excellent!
    Thank you for offering the digital option as I completely missed the other options.

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