Petscii Robots for Sega Genesis

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Petscii Robots for the Sega Genesis

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Physical copies of this game are no longer available from The 8-Bit Guy.  You can get the digital download here, or buy a physical copy from

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5 reviews for Petscii Robots for Sega Genesis

  1. Athanasius (verified owner)

    An excellent adaption of the original game, using the crisp and colorful Amiga-graphics and adding an enhanced soundtrack, a streamlined control scheme and more. It’s like a dream come true to be able to play it “portable” on my Pocket GO (Now I only need to find a way to play X3 on a portable device and I can die a happy man). Well done Augusto and David!

  2. James D. (verified owner)

    I was a Sega kid, so for him to support a Sega version is awesome. The game play, the controls, the music it’s all awesome. The only thing I’m sad about, but I’m not knocking any points off for, was the fact it’s not in a Sega clamshell, I understand that would be probably extremely difficult for David to get his hands on a bunch of clamshell cases for a reasonable price. Though I hope in time he may release files that contain properly sized insert and manual for clamshell so maybe we can make our own.

  3. Charles b (verified owner)

    Thanks Augusto and David! my physical copy finally arrived today and I am thoroughly impressed you did a fantastic job shipping this to it arrived in pristine condition. I really enjoy this game and I’m happy to finally have a physical copy which is more of a collector’s piece for me as I won’t use it all that often as I have two other ways to play the game such as playing it on my arcade cabinet and my retro-pi console.

  4. josh

    An excellent adaption of the original game. it was well worth the money. very well done a must buy!

  5. Alex (verified owner)

    This game translates very well to the console experience. Looks and plays great. I own the c64 version and the psp version but I would rate this iteration my favourite. Highly recommended

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