SwinSID Ultimate (SID Chip substitute for Commodore 64)


SwinSID Ultimate – a modern SID chip substitute

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The SwinSID ultimate is a modern replacement for the SID chip of the Commodore 64.  It is more or less fully compatible and price competitive with a used SID chip from the 1980s.  Please do not confuse this with the SwinSID Nano, which is an inferior product.

  • It has full feature compatibility with the original SID (over the old SwinSID):
    paddle/mouse support
  • readable registers (OSC3/ENV3)
  • external audio in
  • bitfade
  • proper ADSR-bug support
  • fast ADSR attack rate (thanks to the self-correcting rate-counter)
  • ‘Lazy Jones’ and ‘180’ -like gate and test-bit workaround (no missing note)
  • proper 23bit noise-waveform calculation –> better “random” numbers
  • full 3V p-p output range w/o 1KOhm load (same as 8580)
  • improved filter quality (16bit) and resonance-table for both SID model
  • improved waveform calculation (full 16 bit)
  • high resolution combined waveform-tables

It even has enhancements over the original SID:

  • clean anti-aliased bandlimited sound at high pitches
  • undistorted mixed digi tunes and eliminated volume-change click thanks to AC/DC separation of master volume register
  • Softconfig — software configurable options for a number of aspects of the operation
  • LEDs which intensity represents the active channels volume
  • LED displaying the active (classic) digi playback
  • or in case of the new Mahoney-digi, the entire array acts like a VU-meter

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